Top Contact Management Apps for Android

These days, no one needs a Rolodex. Your smartphone is a much better tool for managing your existing business contacts — and making new ones. But an Android phone has more to offer than a basic digital address book. It can also save and sort business cards, synchronize your contacts among all your devices and help you network like a pro. Read on for five Android apps that can help you organize your contacts, make new connections and grow your professional network.

Contacts+ (Free)

For managing your business connections, the Contacts+ app provides a big step up from the stock Android app. This free app combines a feature-packed address book with social media updates for LinkedIn, Twitter and . That means that when viewing a contact in Contacts+, you can see that person's up-to-date information and any recent activity on social networks at a glance. And it includes extra functionality such as a built-in dialer and SMS app so you can place a call or fire off a message without leaving the app. Another useful feature lets you sort contacts by most contacted or by “starred,” which gives you quick access to the profiles you want to view, even for people you don't contact often.

Intro (Free)

Intro for Android is a unique social media app that lets you connect and network with other business users before you ever meet them. To get started, install the app and register using your LinkedIn or Facebook account. Intro can sort through your extended social media network to find new potential contacts, and it lets you see which of your mutual contacts have connected. If you're interested in linking to someone, you can send a request with just a few taps. The Intro app can also notify you about professional events, social meet-ups, and other upcoming networking opportunities.

CamCard (Free)

Forget about fussing with stacks of paper business cards. The CamCard Android app makes it easy to digitize business cards so you can find who you're looking for in a hurry. Just point your smartphone camera at a card and snap a photo. The app's text-recognition software will pull out the key details and update your address book automatically. Be aware that you might have to correct some of the entries, since even the best transcription software isn't perfect. Once you're done, you can pitch the paper cards without worry.

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