7 Apps That Help You Make Positive Changes in Your Everyday Life

The start of a new year isn't the only time you can make resolutions that will bring positive changes to your life. If you're unsatisfied with how things are going, there's no better time than today to do something about it. We have a few apps that will get you one step closer to reaching your goals. Check out this article for the full list.

You don't need to make big changes in order to bring positive vibes into your life. Even small lifestyle improvements can have a tremendous impact on your overall level of happiness. Exercising, eating healthier, being more eco-friendly, being more grateful – are all changes that are relatively easy to implement. Even better, we've gathered a few apps that will help reinforce your commitment to improving everything from your diet to your mood.


Goals on Track

Not sure how to track the goals you have set to help you improve your life? Goals on Track is a very useful app that allows you to record your goal, the purpose, start date, end date, metrics, and action plans. Its main purpose is to help you prioritize and focus on the things that really need to get done in order to be one step closer to reaching your objective. Additionally, it's extremely user-friendly and it's available for all devices. If you're not fully satisfied with it, try Strides or Lifetick.



This app helps you make or break a habit in 21 days. Any habit is allowed: quit smoking, read more, exercise – it's your choice. What's interesting is that the app allows you to invest in yourself. You have the option to use the app in committed mode, which requires you to put down $21 or, better yet, bet on yourself. For every day that you succeed, you get a $1 back. If you fail, that dollar will go to charity. It's also available in free mode, but where's the challenge in that?


My Fitness Pal

If you're looking to eat healthier, tracking your meals should be step one. My Fitness Pal is the best app available to help you do just that. It counts your calories, has an extensive food database and it only takes seconds to update your meals. It also remembers the foods you consume regularly and offers you the possibility to save entire meals, so they will be easier to add later. You can track exercise as well.



Looking to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Then eEcosphere is the app for you. It gives you plenty of ideas for reducing your carbon footprint, from using sustainable bags when you go to carpooling to work. Also, the app allows you to exchange actionable ideas with your friends and adopt the ones that you like best. When it comes to green apps, this one is a great choice because it makes it easy for users to share actions and ideas via ; helping to build a community of like-minded, eco-friendly people. It also allows you to upload and share pictures of sustainability actions you adopted.

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Lumosity is a crafty little app that allows you to train your memory and attention. The time you spend with the app will be split to sessions of three games, all meant to improve whatever you want to work on – this can be memory, attention, flexibility of thinking, or problem solving. In the games, you play against the clock, allowing you to compare yourself to others. According to the developers of the app, only one session every day can significantly improve your mental skills. Not too shabby.


Gratitude Journal

Writing down what you're grateful for every day can have a positive impact on your happiness levels and overall outlook on life. Gratitude Journal allows you to write down five things you're grateful for each day and keeps your daily bulleted list protected by passcode. You can flip through the days and add photos as well. You can also rate how you're feeling each day, so you can track how your life is improving throughout the process.



If you're looking to reduce the stress in your life, iStress is here to help. The app provides multiple forms of stress reduction, including relaxation, positive thinking, and humor. For instance, you can read an inspirational poem, browse through encouraging quotes, or laugh at jokes. You can also rate your daily feelings in order to track your progress.

All of these apps can help give you the opportunity to improve your life. They're easy to use and only a few clicks away. What are you waiting for?

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