Snap chat and Line Instant Messaging: Two popular mobile Apps

Now-a-days there are so many Apps on your App store, you can't even keep up. Two recent popular ones that I've been hearing people buzz about have been Snap Chat and Line- Instant messaging. I was curious to see what they were about, are they really that good?SnapChat has actually been around for a while, but its popularity has recently increased and some quote it as being the “new” Instagram. What do I think? Well, I personally didn't understand what the hype was all about.

SnapChat's purpose is to make photo sharing easier and faster, plus it allows you to connect with friends. For me, SnapChat offered nothing new, since owning a Samsung Galaxy SIII makes it easy to share pictures with my friends already. The only feature that can come in handy, and that could make it worthwhile, is that you can edit the amount of time the picture can be shared, in case it's a picture you don't want your friends to keep forever. On the other hand, Line Messaging, which is rumored to be experiencing faster growth than Facebook did, allows you to customize graphic images called stickers, send photos, and make free calls.

The feature that stands out is that it gives brands the opportunity to have sponsored accounts that users can befriend or follow. Brands can choose to sponsor packs of stickers; popular brands using it are Coca-Cola and artists like Snoop Dogg. So, why are users so caught up with these apps? Apparently the age of traditional SMS-texting is not as appealing anymore. Users want apps on-the-go that allows you to send multimedia, video, and icons- a mix of social video- like Chatroulette, but for real-time texting. What other new popular texting apps do you know about?

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