Using Social Media in Unusual Places

Have you ever had a desperate need to go the bathroom, and stood waiting in line, crossed your legs, or hummed to yourself while waiting for that the person to be finished
using the facilities? It might sound surprising that in recent years, a growing reason why some people are hogging up the stalls is that they're using their precious time on the best seat in the house to use .

The privacy of a stall is the perfect environment to be checking up on Social , since at work or at school you're generally not allowed to be browsing on your phone.
It's also convenient, as it provides you with a set period of isolation that gives you enough time to check up and make any quick replies. And if you're the type of person that needs a magazine while you wait, having your phone on hand gives you access to more online content to read than a normal magazine might offer.

Here are some other inappropriate places that people could use or are using to connect to Social Media:

-At the dinner table

-During class, hiding phones under the desk

-During weddings- this is becoming a thing, where the wedding itself becomes a Social Media event that encourages guests to use their phones to take pictures to upload instantly and tweet their thoughts about the couple -While walking in a city, which can cause injury

-During a movie, play, concert, or any paid entertainment event (they tell you to turn off phones for a reason).

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