This app reminds you of all the photos you forgot you took

Photos. We take them. And sometimes we share them somewhere online — and then totally forget about them. But what if you could open an app and it served up autogenerated video slideshows of some of your photos?

One company, Vemory, has made an app that does just that, and it's launching today on iOS. Using algorithms, the service automatically pulls in your pictures from social and your camera roll and generates short videos of select photos by theme.

Vemory generates these videos in two ways. At its most basic level, it will automatically generate collections such as “Best of the season” or “Best of 2014,” which it stitches together by picking out the photos with the most “likes” or comments, or other signs that you and your social networks enjoyed them. In addition to that, you can order it to create more customized collections by filtering by hashtag, geolocation tagging, and more. And if you really want to get ultra-customized, you can hand-select every single picture in a collection.

After Vemory has spit out a video and you've edited it to your liking (you can even edit out comments on the pictures), you can then post the videos on your accounts or keep them solely on Vemory's own network within the app.

Of course, magically making cute videos out of media you've shot in the past is nothing new. Magisto for example, which recently partnered up with Discovery Communications to let you make insane videos, also uses fancy algorithms to figure out the “best” pieces of your videos and photos and hand you a short video so you can relive memories in a refreshed format. When I mentioned Magisto and the resemblance to Vemory chief executive Hunter Powell, he opted to not comment on other companies.

But Powell seems to have a bigger plan for Vemory, although he could barely think about anything beyond today when we met — product launches are stressful.

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