Selling your house? Touch up the Easy Way

So you've decided you're going to put your house up for sale.  Before you take the next big step of listing your house on the market, you may want to consider the possibility of improving the current condition of your house.  Here are some simple, inexpensive ways you can polish up your house before prospective buyers come to visit.

Make home seekers feel welcome with a fresh coat of paint.  You don't need an overwhelmingly vibrant color to catch visitors' attention.  Just apply a coat of neutral taupe to revitalize the walls of your home.  A house can feel much more comforting after a thorough window cleaning.  Consider hiring a professional window cleaner to leave your windows looking pristine.  Removing unfashionable draperies can help to modernize the atmosphere of your house.  Even draperies that were purchased a decade ago can feel drab and outdated by today's home standards.  If your bathroom appears a bit dingy, you could gain from refinishing tiles and the bathtub.  Breathe new life into your bathroom by re-grouting tiles and caulking the tub.  If your bath tiles are an outdated pink or green color, consider hiring a professional to repaint them a sparkling white. 

First impressions can make or break a deal.  Power washing your home exterior will help to give prospective buyers the first impression that your house is attractive and well-maintained.  You don't need to spend a fortune on a kitchen renovation to leave visitors impressed.  Simply update your kitchen by making small changes like replacing dated drawer pulls with newer ones (nickel-plated pulls look very modern).  Refreshing your bedding can be useful to making visitors perceive your bedroom as contemporary and inviting.  If the overall décor of your bedroom is vibrant, use a neutral color scheme for your bedding to tone it down (and vice versa).  Finally, a good carpet cleaning can really liven up the atmosphere of a room.  If a carpet is old and worn-out, it may benefit you to remove it completely.  Buyers often prefer hardwood floors to carpets anyway.

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