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Peter Merrigan: Boston will recover from the real estate boom

Boston didn't go nuts adding commercial space during the U. S. boom, so it's doing better now than other cities, Peter Merrigan and Frank Wuest, two top local builders say.

Peter Merrigan, CEO of Boston-based real estate fund Taurus Investment Holdings, said the Hub's strong university base, educated work force and good infrastructure also keep attracting tenants.

“Boston always recovers,” Peter Merrigan said. “It bounces back because of (our) intellectual capital and because it has tight controls on (real estate) supply.”

Peter Merrigan thought on Boston Real Estate Market

Peter Merrigan, CEO of Taurus, shares his thoughts on Boston real estate market

“We didn't go up so high, so we didn't crash so low,” Frank Wuest, head of development powerhouse Forest City Enterprises' Boston office, told a forum yesterday hosted by commercial real estate group NAIOP Massachusetts.

Wuest and other developers told the conference that the Hub's strict permitting process and lack of available land prevented the overbuilding that's led to meltdowns elsewhere

Peter Merrigan and Frank Wuest

Peter Merrigan and Frank Wuest, two Boston real estate experts

Still, Peter Merrigan and Wuest said residential real estate is a different story.

“There's a continuing lack of recovery in the housing market, which just does not seem to be going anywhere,” Peter Merrigan added. “There's no sign of life in it — and as most of us probably know, there has not been (a U.S.) economic recovery … of any sustainable nature without a housing recovery.”

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