Earth Day: Green Gadgets for Conscious Living

Earth Day, the day we celebrate the planet and do activities to try to protect it, has continued to gain popularity. This year, more than 1 billion people were expected to partake in activities like recycling old gadgets or planting trees. But the truth is, Earth Day should be every day! For those interested in reducing their daily impact on the environment and on making conscious living a habit not just a one-day thing, here are three gadgets used on a daily basis.  

If you don't use your laptop at , the chances are you are using it at work. So here is the Asus U33Jc-A1, a bamboo notebook, advertised as the most sustainable laptop available in the market. The laptop is entirely made out of wood, making it aesthetically beautiful, but the best feature is its Super Hybrid Engine. The SHE boosts CPU performance by 11% and extends battery life to 10.5 hours. The price of the laptop is $1099, which might seem high, but if you replace your old laptops with the Asus, you will reduce your impact in the long run.

Another gadget used by most on a daily basis, at least for those who commute or go to the gym and need to get pump-up with some music, are earphones. The Ts02+mic earphones, are made out of wood and provide a better listening experience, due to clearer and richer sounds; making the earphones one of the most popular eco-friendly gadgets. They are available in two versions, a light version in silver with cherry and a heavier version in black-and-chocolate. The price for the earphones is $109.99.

Finally, another gadget that you might use when having a party, or simply when showering, are speakers. The iBamboo speakers, for iPhones, are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. The device reduces our impact, since its made from raw materials, reducing the use of plastics that usually end up in landfills. Plus, the speakers don't require any electricity or any charging. The natural resonance of the bamboo will allow an amplified tone, which you will end up loving. The speakers are priced $29 and come in a bag and gift box.

If you don't use any of the gadgets mentioned above, what other eco-gadgets would you consider purchasing?

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