TMS Ep293: OTT apps, Collegium system, IPOs this week, Crypto mining

Union telecom minister Ashwini Vaishnaw recently said that over-the-top or OTT communication services, like Whatsapp and Telegram, will fall under the ambit of the draft telecom bill. But, at the same time, the minister also said that the regulation will be “light-touch”. So, does this mean India has figured out how to regulate such apps?

The government also wants to introduce transparency in judicial appointments. It claims that appointments and transfers in the judiciary have been opaque. But the Supreme Court too has been holding its ground, saying that scrapping the collegium system will compromise its independence.

After the corridors of courts, let us shift our focus to the realm of financial markets. Four firms are looking to raise over Rs 4,000 crore this week via IPOs. Among them, DCX Systems, and Bikaji Foods International are already seeing increased investors' interest in the grey market. But is the grey market buzz worth it? Which one of these IPOs deserve your ?

Companies go to the primary market to borrow funds, which they use for expansion and other activities. And in this process, new securities are created. But ever wondered how new cryptocurrencies are generated. We answer this in this episode of the podcast.

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