Walked in line: How JP lost and found its roots

After Junius died in 1913, son Jack Pierpont became senior partner. Since his initials were also J.P., there was no need to change the shingle. For the next 20 years the House of Morgan was the pre-eminent global raiser of sovereign , probably the greatest banking house in the world.

In 1959 the parent company shed its historic dots for the first time when it merged with Guaranty Trust to regain market share and became Morgan Guaranty.

Nearly 30 years later, in 1988, the institution briefly returned to its roots as J.P. Morgan and Co. Within a few years it was one of the top operators in the of investment banking, where Junius had first made his name. Soon, however, the logo got “modernised” to JP Morgan.

In late 2000, its heritage was further submerged into JPMorgan Chase & Co after the bank was acquired by Chase Manhattan for $30.9bn.

And now it's come full circle as J.P. Morgan & Co, Chase's major investment bank. Old Junius would be pleased.

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