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The company started its operations in 1997. In 2004 it obtained a Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA) license becoming Poland's first regulated FX brokerage. Its business activity follows the regulations set forth by the PFSA assuring one of the highest standards of service in Europe. TMS Brokers' professionalism and compliance with EU standards reassures the safety of funds entrusted with the institution.

TMS Brokers ensures that clients have all the necessary elements to successfully trade in today's markets: recommendations, live streaming news, state-of-the-art trading tools and capital allocation strategies. Additionally, the company delivers education to investors at all stages of their activity. TMS offers three high quality financial products, all of which utilise the latest technical innovations.

TMS Brokers' core business is the TMS Direct platform, which allow investors for quick and efficient transactions over the internet in a fully personalised trading environment. 24 hours a day investors have access to 160 currency pairs, 470 futures contracts, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on 25 of the world's biggest stock indices and 5000 international stocks – these are the main features of the TMS Direct trading platform, which constantly evolves in an attempt to deliver the best trading solutions. Besides the large product range, clients receive personalised coverage from traders as well as recommendations and forecasts prepared by TMS Brokers' Advisory Department. The latter obtain the highest marks for accuracy in British Magazine FX Week's forecast rankings claiming 43 first places and 53 second places in 2009. TMS plays big attention to its forecasts due to their fundamental role in an investor's success.

The TMS Direct is integrated with two additional access tools providing investors access to their trading account no matter where they are situated. The browser-based TMS WebDirect requires no installation and provides full and secure access to financial markets worldwide. TMS MobiDirect allows users to trade anytime and anywhere by simply using a mobile device with internet connection.

“One login and password suffice to manage all the orders, use the chat module or monitor the account balance, regardless of time or place. Mobile investing is very popular among our customers. With this solution they don't lose the opportunity to invest”, says Mr Mariusz Potaczala, CEO, TMS Brokers.

The TMS Direct platform embraces the fast pace of the industry. This is essential when one seeks perfectionism and professionalism in their trading – new features, such as a highly sophisticated option board and financial instruments which are constantly added, system updates make it even faster and more reliable. TMS informs their customers about all changes via e-mail.

The training programme offered by TMS is comprehensive and depends on the products and targeted investor groups. Available are online webinars as well as seminars all across the country. The TMS Direct academy is designated towards advanced players. The topic range here is much more complex. Even the platform itself might seem complicated at first glance, therefore a large part of training is devoted to the possibilities of the system. Classes on Technical Analysis and Financial instruments on the other hand attract those who are interested in fine tuning their . TMS also organises seminars for financial institutions. The brokerage cooperates with the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, with whom they organise meetings for importers and exporters who want to protect themselves against exchange rate risk.

Webinars constitute a series of interactive meetings hosted via the internet. This allows TMS Brokers to educate clients without them leaving the house nor office. Lessons are carried out by experienced analysts who discuss current market events, give out recommendations and forecasts. Courses on the functionality of various platforms are carried out as well on the assumption that the better you know the tool, the better you can use it when making investment decisions.

“To build trust in business is not a simple task. It cannot be done overnight. With ongoing persistence, the company seeks new ways of reaching customers and showing them that TMS is a professional partner with strong roots that is calmly looking into the future. The way chosen by us delivers satisfying results. That our customer base increased over four times in the last three years reflects this”, says Mariusz Potaczala.

Investor education is inscribed into the company's mission. For that reason all courses are held free of charge – it's a contribution to the development of the Polish forex market. TMS Brokers cooperates with journalists from various media channels and have their own TV studio. Providing journalists with knowledge, comments and analyses, TMS aids them in their work. The company takes part in radio and television programmes, commenting on current market developments and administer their own blogs. One of the most active bloggers is TMS Brokers' chief analyst while another blog contains the collective work of the Advisory Department.

“People, who watch our analysts on the television, listen to our comments on the radio, read our analyses in the press or take  part in training are more aware and certain of their decision on the selection of a broker as their partner. We try to be a good partner, both for journalists and for our customers. We make it easier to reach information which is nowadays very precious and often determines success”, adds Mariusz Potaczala.

In late 2009, TMS Brokers introduced an additional trading platform under the separate brand GO4X. It is based on the popular Metatrader4 system. This came as the result of extensive research focused on the needs of less sophisticated investors. For them, most important is educational support and intuitiveness of the tools within the GO4X system.

TMS has planned a series of seminars throughout Poland, which are designed to familiarise aspiring investors with general knowledge of the forex market, technical analysis and basic investment strategies. Additionally, the platform is integrated with the GO4X News Reader which allows customers to receive up-to-date market information from TMS Broker analysts. Furthermore, investors have the option of attaching additional RSS feeds such as Bloomberg, CNN or Polish information services. GO4X product is definitely simpler, but still under development. In April 2010 the main instruments in the form of the major currency pairs were joined by new, related to stock indices , such as SP500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ and the Polish WIG20.

Aside from the TMS Direct and GO4X platform, TMS Brokers also provides advisory services to corporations and companies having foreign exchange transactions. Using best practices and innovative financial instruments, TMS effectively protects companies against foreign exchange and interest rate risk. The cooperation model includes either a fixed monthly fee or fee plus share in Client profit. As an advisor, TMS aids in hedging positions via the TMS Direct platform or negotiates transaction terms with other institutions on behalf of the client.

TMS also shares its data with other firms. Applets containing live market quotes help small and medium businesses in their operations – no matter whether it is a small currency exchange or a large exporter. These applets are available on many sites in Poland often accompanied by the company's comments, analyses and reports, which are published daily in many Polish online media channels. Data sharing relies on barter contracts, which govern the entire legal process for data transmission. In addition to the standard ways of reaching customers via the radio, television, press and well-known Internet portals, TMS uses the latest communication channels such as Facebook (, Twitter ( and its Polish counterparty – Blip. The Polish financial market is a novelty, which has been considerably defined by TMS.

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