How To Use Electronic Invites To Welcome People In Your Physical And Online Business

has become part and parcel of people's daily lives. From sociopolitical to socioeconomic sectors, there is no successful company that hasn't embraced at least a few modernized products, such as machinery and computers. Emails have been used within and outside companies for decades now, and they are still at the center of today's communication strategies. 
However, the way businesses employ technology has advanced over the years. You can now send a bunch of emails at a go by using customizable applications. Are you planning to hold an event for your physical or online business?  Well, this post aims to discuss some of the most significant tips on how to use electronic invites, like, to welcome guests to such formal events.

  • Publish Your Event First
  • It might seem like an obvious part of your event planning, but it plays a huge role in how your potential clients will react. The first step is to establish the date, time, and venue of your event, be it a seminar or any other type of meeting. Every electronic invitation platform has a unique way of tackling this area. Therefore, be sure to go through the instructions and apply the knowledge accordingly. Remember, publishing and clearly stating all the necessary information about the purpose of the invitation will go a long way in persuading guests to come to your event.
    Of course, you can only do this once you've created an account and logged in to the platform of your choice. Some can be used without any registration, but it goes without saying that you'll have limited privileges. Once you are done with the publication, you can go ahead and update the invitation details, such as the sender's name, subject line, and reply-to email address. These will not only make it easier to get feedback from the guests, but also ensure that the invitation looks professional and trustworthy. 

  • Composing The Message
  • Depending on the platform you are using, where you input your message may vary. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this is what the potential guests or consumers will see as the body of the email they'll receive. As such, make sure that your ideas sound professional while passing the message comprehensively. Some of the questions you need to answer here should include the following:

  • What is the invitation about?
  • Who is welcome?
  • Why is it important to visit your business?
  • Having a message along these lines will convince your invitees to attend your company's event.

  • Who Are The Invitees?
  • The next factor to keep in mind when using electronic invites is the guests. Having published your event or whatever your guests are coming to see, it is now time to create a list of the invitees. As earlier stated, this is just a general explanation and may vary depending on the platform you'll use. Nonetheless, you'll generally have a tab or link that will allow you to access someplace where you can add your guests.
    Here, you will be able to fill in the names and email addresses of all potential guests. Do you already have a contacts list?  This would make your work a little easier because you can just import the names and email addresses. If you have ever composed another event, you can go ahead and import the contacts used during the invitation to that event. You are also allowed to delete contacts one by one, so you can remove anyone you added to the list by mistake.

  • Send The Invitations
  • Now, it's time to let all the invitees know what you have in store for them. There are several ways you can use to send the invitations to your guests. You can choose one or two of these methods at once, depending on the platform you are using:
    The most common method is manually clicking on the send button. It works, more or less, the same way as sending your emails. The difference here is not only the fact that you are utilizing an electronic invitation platform, but also has to do with the number of recipients. Some providers will allow you to send even more than 2,000 emails per day. 
    On the one hand, the best thing about today's technology is that you don't have to do everything manually. You can also set the exact day and time when your emails will be delivered. Do you have a specific date in mind?  Set it up and move on to the next step. You can also choose a time with reference to the event's date.
    If you choose any of these two options, leave the email as a draft and save it for later. 

  • Manage Previous Invitations
  • Finally, you can manage invitations you had sent earlier. Here, you can remove those recipients whose invitations have bounced. If there is still enough time, you can add more potential guests and send the invitations to them. Always check this on a regular basis to make sure that you meet your desired goals.
    One thing to note when it comes to the addition of new recipients is the fact that most platforms have a limited number of invitations allowed. For instance, if your initial set was 2,000, you might need to remove some from the list–possibly those that bounced–and replace them with new ones. Again, this is dependent on the electronic invitation platform you'll opt for.
    As you can see, using electronic invites to welcome people to your business is quite simple. However, you need to master some tips before you can start sending those invitations. One is to always publish the event first before creating the invitations so as to ensure that all the pieces of information are included. In fact, most platforms have this as part of the initial preparation phase. 
    Composing your message is an obvious aspect, but you should make sure not to deviate from the subject. Remember, this is how you are going to either attract or lose guests. Go through this list of tips, then, commence your invitation process through the platform of your choice.
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    Barry Henderson is an event organizer who specializes in planning and executing business events. Barry works with business owners to ensure that all of their business events are successful.   

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