How To Pick A Business Broker

brokers and agents are very much alike. Business brokers are responsible for matching appropriate buyers and sellers of businesses. The right business broker can help your small business to achieve the maximum dollar value. Make sure you read these tips before you search for your business broker.Get referralsIt is also recommended to get referrals from trusted people, as well as searching online. For good business broker referrals, ask your accountant, attorney, peers, or industry associations. Check out the IBBA, The International Business Brokers Association, which is a non profit association for American business brokers. Which means all members have to go through a professional certification process.Practice due diligenceResearch the broker's history, experience and credentials. Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Examine their references. Scrutinize and find out if they have successfully completed sales in your business' industry.Find a specialistYour sales transaction will get more value with a business broker who has a full-time job of selling businesses than with a part-time agent. A broker working full-time, will not only bring a better understanding of the process and valuation trends, but also a strong network of contacts. Search for a person who is dedicated to the field of work. Merger and acquisition intermediaries should be examined for companies worth millions.Marketing planAs a business owner, you should know that marketing the sale is one of the most important parts of the process. Ensure that your broker has a marketing strategy to attract potential buyer leads.No large initial feesBrokers on average charge around 10 percent commission on the sale. When you decide to evaluate the value of your business or when you want to begin an application process, it is always wise to avoid brokers who ask for a large fee upfront.Avoid Pressure:Just get your feet wet at first—don't rush to any decisions. The process of selling your company is very complex. Make sure you learn about and understand all the uncertainties. 

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