How to Market Your Vacation Rental Property to Domestic Travelers

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on everyone's lives, including vacation plans. Flights have been canceled, and no one knows when the borders will open again. Even when they do, international trips will probably be restricted. 
The solution lies in taking a vacation in your country, which might be the next big hit in the rental industry! Property managers will need to adjust and learn how to market their vacation rental properties to domestic travelers. 
Here is a guide that can help you prepare for the upcoming season!
Domestic Travelers and Advantages of a Staycation
As the name suggests, domestic travelers travel within their own country. Staycation gives them an opportunity to stay close to home while enjoying a vacation. 
Here are the advantages of a staycation:

  • Simple to plan – travel time is minimal, and there is no or just a slight time difference.
  • No need to take a day-off – one can change the scenery without taking a vacation.
  • Saves money – less money spent on travel arrangements sounds tempting.
  • Vacation rental owners are shifting their focus to domestic travelers these days. Do your research and try to understand what local guests are looking for. That will make it easier for you to meet their requirements. 
    Rethink Your Vacation Rental Marketing Strategy 
    It is time to come up with a strategy on how to market a vacation rental property. You should focus on a single group of guests and optimize the place for them. 
    Here are some suggestions to consider:

  •  Arranging a remote office – your visitors might look for accommodation where they can work remotely. Adding a reliable internet connection is a must., Also consider providing an office desk and chair, and separate rooms that offer privacy.
  •  Optimizing for families – a spacious backyard with a swing can be a great place for children to play outdoor. A big living room can also be vital for families.
  • Make sure not to forget pets – adding a dog house in the yard and installing durable flooring that is more resistant to odors and stains are some pet-friendly measures to take. 
  • Catering to leisure travelers – it is crucial to offer multiple leisure options for visitors who want to rest. Adding gaming consoles, TVs, board games, and barbecues is only a portion of potential entertainment ideas to consider.
  • Follow COVID-19 Safety Checklists
    The virus is still a threat, and it is critical to stay cautious. Vacation rental owners carry a huge responsibility in keeping their accommodation is as safe as possible.
    Here are some useful tips for applying during this time:

  • Install a smart lock – providing your guests with an opportunity to enter your property without touching the lock can be a wise move. You can also consider other self-check-in options to reduce face-to-face contact. 
  • Close common areas – if you own a huge property, consider closing pools, fitness rooms, and common areas temporarily. 
  • Enhance your cleaning – you need a professional cleaning service that will maintain a high level of cleanliness and disinfect your property regularly.
  • Introduce cashless payments – whether it is an e-wallet transaction or alternative online payment, try to go cashless.
  • On top of that, for your and guests' safety, consider managing your rental remotely and with little or no contact with visitors. 
    Adjust Your Rental Property to New Market Requirements
    Newmarket demands require you to adjust to the current situation. Many rental owners feel lost and are confused about how to act to keep their businesses up and running. 
    Here are some tips that could help:

  •       Adopt a flexible cancellation policy – a canceled flight or another urgent matter might force guests to cancel their booking. A flexible cancelation policy involves the freedom of canceling with a partial or full refund until a certain point. Your readiness to offer this policy can increase your reputation and attract guests to your property.
  •       Allow instant bookings – minimize the hassle of booking a property with the Instant Book option.
  •       Make pricing adjustments –more affordable rent could mean additional guests in your accommodation.
  •       Change minimum stay requirements – you can allow guests to stay for a single night, but also offer long-term discounts. 
  • Make sure to read COVID-19 property marketing tactics, and offer your guests things they consider crucial after for their post-pandemic trips.
    Update Rental Listings and Sites
    It is not easy to fight for your place under the sun in the vacation rental industry. You want to show that you are a responsible property owner who cares about their guests.
    Update your rental listings and website. Emphasize that you adjusted the property to the requirements of domestic travelers, and took the necessary precautions to eliminate the spread of the virus. Pinpoint that you clean and disinfect your property regularly, and apply all the recommended measures to keep it safe.
    Don't forget about other important details. For example, people like bringing their pets along on a domestic vacation, so pet-friendly accommodation can be an advantage.
    Take Advantage of Social and Marketing Activities
    Your short-term rental is ready, but it doesn't seem like there is enough guest interest. If that's the case, boost your marketing efforts. 
    Focusing on local-based advertising campaigns is a great way to market a vacation rental property. Consider partnering with local businesses to offer discounts in their shops and connect with the local tourist boards. Social media is always a fine way to advertise your service. Specialized software like iGMS can help with the actual part of property management so that you have more time to focus on marketing.
    The pandemic has been a stressful time for everyone, and many people will be looking for a way to relax. Learning how to market your vacation rental property, and adjust it to the current guest demands will help your business to recover faster. It takes time and effort, but it could result in a profit increase. Those who alter their property to meet the new trends have better odds of navigating through these tough times successfully.

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