How to Invest in Forex Using Fundamental Analysis

Forex trading is one of the most rapidly expanding markets in the world of finance and there are many different ways to approach your investment.However, the majority of trading styles can be split into two camps; technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis involves in-depth scrutiny of past patterns as those who follow this method believe that markets are cyclical in nature and will follow a defined trend. Fundamental traders also conduct detailed analysis but instead believe that movements in the market are far more likely to be influenced by current events. To use fundamental analysis means keeping an events calendar and using keynote speeches, releases of data and political and world events as an indication of when to open and close a position. There are many types of data which are relevant but amongst the most influential are interest rates, GDP figures and trade surplus or deficit. Payroll data also plays an important part. Many brokers offer more than 80 different currency pairings so it is possible to avoid the market favourites, should you choose to do so. The US dollar is the most commonly traded currency but even if you choose to exclude this from your , you will still have to follow what occurs in the US. Every currency moves differently and it is important to establish the key drivers for the market you are trading. However, as the US is one of the biggest global powers, key events across the Atlantic will reverberate across international markets even if you are not dealing directly with the dollar. For this reason it is essential to follow the fortunes of the US dollar and to take note of the release times and dates of speeches by the as you could find your chosen market reacts. Many traders who use fundamental analysis choose to enter or exit the market just before the masses. This is partially to avoid the swing that a volume manoeuvre can provoke but also to guarantee the price. Trying to exit or enter the market at the same time as everyone else carries the risk of slippage. If there is a political coup or a natural disaster, it is obviously not possible to make your move in advance. However, keeping up to date with global news is essential to make sure you don`t miss the impact that any world events can trigger. Any countries which are known to be volatile should also be monitored very closely; profitable fundamental analysis often revolves around being able to anticipate and predict market movements ahead of the pack. Many forex traders are amateur and simply trade from their home PC. There is absolutely no problem with this but it can be useful to have access to an online resource, in addition to your usual live news stream, in order to stay up to date with market developments. For all kinds of traders, novice and experienced, is a great source of information and could just be the tool you need to give you the edge in the market.

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