How to Buy a Kit Home

Kit homes are rapidly increasing in popularity across the globe, especially in Australia.  It is important to consider how to actually buy a kit home though, as they are not the same as regular houses – the buying process is slightly different.Why are they so popular?The main reason for the growth of the kit home market is the fact that they are so cheap to build. Kit home prices start at around $30,000 dollars, and because the steel framing is so strong and stable, they retain their value really well. Despite the fact kit homes are cheap; they come in a range of different customisable designs. Homes are based on pre-configured plans, though an architect customises the designs to suite your needs. Once a design has been made, your drawings are sent to a factory where your home is ‘made to measure'. There is not wastage, which is part of the reason for the amount they cost. Kit homes are usually built in less than two months. Deadlines are met, and overspending seldom occurs. It is this guarantee that makes kit homes so much more appealing than traditional housing development. How to buyThe best approach is to deal directly with a supplier. They will give you the option of building your home yourself, if you are a licenced builder, or use their service to get the home erected.  You will get off your home if you build or arrange the build yourself. Getting a mortgage is not quite as easy with a kit homes, though, you can typically finance the house through your supplier. Generally, most people will be able to take out a loan to cover the entire cost, as kit homes are so cheap. You will also have to find a plot of land to develop on. Your supplier should be able to help you with how to do this as well. 

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