How To Afford Your Dream Travel Wedding: 6 Tips

Almost everyone has a dream wedding. No matter if it's at the beach, in the mountains, or even on a farm, nearly every person reading this sentence has thought about the destination they want to get married. However, not enough think how it could be possible to get there.Although it's going to take some hard work and a little bit of being frugal, you too could get married abroad, especially if your significant other is on board as well. Here's how:Pick A City And Stick With It First and foremost, if you're looking to have a destination wedding, you need to pick a city and stick with it. Whether it be you and your significant other have always wanted to go to London or get married by the beach, it's imperative you stick with whatever choice you all have made. This is going to give you the most accurate depiction of what you can afford, as well as a realistic timetable. Overall, while going abroad seems like something that is easily interchangeable, the price points are going to change drastically per your destination, so make sure you get it right the first time to really start saving.Establish A Side HustleWhile it's going to take quite a bit of legwork, if you're on saving up for a wedding, then it's imperative you pick up some extra work. To be honest, if having a wedding abroad is something you truly desire, then going after any work you can will only help offset the cost. And no matter if it's your latest business venture or even picking up shifts at a kitchen, anything extra can help tremendously in making this happen.Buy Direct  When it comes to planning out a wedding, we can sometimes get lost in the details, leaving us spending much more than we initially intended. However, that's why buying direct can be such a great technique, as it not only removes the logistical elements of an intermediary but the cost difference as well. Plus, with how much the has helped make transactions more streamlined, the savings you could find here are tremendous.First and foremost, try to see what you can knock out that are absolute necessities. For example, the wedding dress company Azazie offers custom dresses for both brides and bridesmaids and delivers at an affordable cost. Options like this will help cut cost where it really counts, while still helping you have an amazing experience abroad.Create A Savings PlanAfter you've established a lot of the at home costs, it's time to start looking into an accurate savings plan that can help you afford this wedding. Which, to be honest, a lot of us aren't the best at. According to MarketWatch, approximately 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account, a staggeringly low number. However, if you're looking to get hitched at a destination, then it's imperative you set aside some money to get it done. Try to work with your significant other on contributions that seem fair per your income, as well as how long you want to wait for.Add Up Your Total Costs, Then Add A Little Bit MoreWhen thinking of getting married abroad, you probably shouldn't have your estimates based on the average costs of marriage. For example, as noted by Business Insider, the average cost of a wedding clocked in around $35,329 in 2016, which if you're looking to get married overseas, will be significantly more. A good rule of thumb is to figure out the number of guests you want to invite, and then multiply that by what you're expecting to pay for their flights, lodging, and entertainment. Granted, this will be a steep figure, but one that you can potentially work down.It's Okay To Have A Longer EngagementFinally, if you and your significant other really care for one another, then there's no reason to put a timetable on making it official. According to The Knot, the average time to be engaged is around 14.5 months, which seems like a pretty reasonable timeframe. However, no one said you have to stick to this standard, especially if you're looking to save for a dream wedding.While you're going to want to get married in a reasonable timeframe, it's ultimately up to you both how long you consider that to be. Additionally, it's okay to want to wait even an extra year to truly make sure everything is financially accounted for because arguing about debt is no way to start a marriage. Yes, while it might seem like a distant future when the ceremony might actually happen, the wait will make it well worth it.

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