China trade slows; BlackBerry outrage continues

China's trade surplus shrank for a second straight month in September to $14.5bn.

Trade data published on Thursday showed September's figures were $3.3bn lower than the $17.8bn in August and had reduced by more than half from the $31.5bn figure recorded in July.

September's imports rose 20.9 percent compared with 30.2 percent in August, and exports increased by only 17.1 percent contrasted with a 24.5 percent gain in August.

The slowdown was especially obvious in china's trade with Europe where exports increased only by 9.8 percent compared with 22.3 percent in August.

Despite the slowing growth, China's imports and exports have now recorded unprecedented highs with exports reaching $169.6bn and imports rising to $155.1bn.

On the other side of the planet, the outrage that spread through Europe, the Middle East, and South America surrounding the breakdown in BlackBerry services, has made its way to North America, where sporadic service blackouts have affected both the United States and Canada. RIM, the company behind BlackBerry, has said it is working “day and night” to eradicate the problem.

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