Asian stocks higher but uncertainty lingers

Asian markets rebounded on Tuesday following a series of losses last week after released data showed improved manufacturing activity in China and buoyancy that Chairman Ben Bernanke may unveil steps to boost the US . 

Hong Kong's Hang Seng climbed 1.99 percent to 19,875, Japan's Nikkey rose 1.2 percent to 8,733 while the Kospi in South Korea posted the largest gain to 1,777, a 3.86 percent increase.

Market uncertainty continued to prevail however as investors sought out the safe haven of the bullion, leading to gains of an all time high of 1,901,80 an ounce, up $10.60, in Tuesday's electronic trading.

Platinum traded at $1903.25 after it rose by 0.7 percent or $1,916 an ounce, to its highest price in three years.

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