Top Personal Financial Tips

Stick to Budget. Budgeting is a critical process which forces you to look at what you're spending, where you're spending it, and thus be able to make decision on where changes can be made to meet your financial goals.

Invest. Financial can either be done independently or through a broker. It is often desirable to work with a broker, who will offer his professional skill and experience, and help you balance your expectations and risk to determine the right mix for your investment decision.

Review your Insurance Coverage. It enables you to see exactly what it does and doesn't cover, keeping in mind that non-covered expenses end up coming out of your pocket. If your insurance coverage comes through your employer (or your partner's employer), check to see if it's a fully insured or self-insured plan — the difference could lead to different expense.

Learn cost-cutting tricks. There are tricks within every expense you can learn to reduce the amount you spend. For instance, when you travel, taking advantage of mid-week deals can help you save a lot if you can schedule your vacation accordingly. When shopping in a supermarket, remember to apply for a membership card before. The prices with or without a membership card can be quite different. And when you purchase online, doing a quick search for coupon codes and promotional offers can give you big with minimal effort.


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