Energy Consolidating Recent Gains Still

My Swing Trading Approach

I've been moving my stops up over the past eight trading sessions to guard my profits against a market sell off. Today we are seeing the potential for one. I may be stopped out of some trades today, but it will be with profits. 


VIX – Up four straight days, and conditions this morning are conducive for another pop higher. Closed yesterday at 10.08

T2108 (% of stocks trading below their 40-day moving average): Wiped out the progress from the past three days dropping 3.4% to 65.3%. 

Moving averages (SPX): Currently trading above all the major moving averages, but that could change today with the 5 and 10-day MA.

Industries to Watch Today

Nice rebound in , as it continues to trend higher. Energy consolidating recent gains still. Utilities and  continues to struggle and sold the recent ‘pop'. 

My Market Sentiment

China considering halting the purchases of US Treasuries is creating strong justification for traders to finally look at booking some profits here in 2018. Trend lines below provide some important levels to be following. 

Current Stock Trading Portfolio Balance

  • 7 long positions
  • Recent Stock Trade Notables:

  • US Steel (X): Long at 35.38, sold at 36.90 for a 4.3% profit. 
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