How to Deal With Difficult Customers and Other Community Tips

Some customers are easy to deal with. Others not so much. Members of our community have had to deal with both and so have some valuable insights abut handling the tough ones. In this week's Community News and Information Roundup, you can get some advice on how to deal with that troublesome customer. But you'll also get valuable suggestions on how to handle other aspects of your business from resources around the .

Focus on Good Customers Instead

First, sure there are always bad customers, as we've said. But there's no need for you to build your business on them. Here, Cate Costa explains why certain customers are actually worse than no customers at all. Also read as the BizSugar community discusses the detail in even greater detail.

Don't Let Difficult Customers Kill Your Morale

And, don't forget, while you do have to deal with these individuals sometimes, you don't have to let them ruin your morale. In this post, Mark Zarr shares some of his experience and some tips for dealing with those customers you'd rather not deal with at all. Here the BiSugar community discusses it further.

Talk to People Every Day

An important way to reach out to new customers is to do some marketing for your business every day. And perhaps the simplest way to achieve this is to get in the habit of talking to new people about your business constantly. In this post, David M. Ward shares a simple marketing plan for lawyers that entails talking to at least two people within your target market every day. This simple strategy can also work for people in plenty of other industries.

Invest in the Best Employees

When you run a business, your employees can be your biggest and most important investment. They determine how productive your business will be and how much it will grow. That's why Barry H. Davis suggests that businesses invest in Human Capital Management.

Raise Future Entrepreneurs

Most parents want their kids to grow up and find a great job they love. But maybe they should encourage them to grow up and create a job they love instead. In this post, Ivan Widjaya shares some thoughts and a video presentation about raising the next generation of entrepreneurs. And BizSugar members discuss young entrepreneurship as well.

Measure Your Social ROI

In today's market, just having a presence on social media isn't always enough. You need to make sure you're getting a good return on your investment, both in terms of resources and time spent. Here, Madhurima Gupta outlines some of the steps you can take to both measure and improve your social media ROI.

Master Social Media Etiquette

With so many different social tools available, it can be difficult to keep the etiquette for each of them straight. Here, Dave Landry offers some tips for various social media sites, and even a helpful infographic. BizSugar members took the opportunity to discuss the importance of social media etiquette too, in the comment section.

Turn Your Pinterest Followers into Email Subscribers

Pinterest has been proven to turn followers into buyers. But it can also bring you subscribers to your email list or similar content streams. In this guest post, Sonja Jobson shows you how to have more success turning your Pinterest followers into email subscribers.

Make Use of Mobile E-Commerce

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, e-commerce companies are in full preparation mode. So for many this year, that means working on a mobile strategy. More and more shoppers are using their mobile devices for discovery and for making actual purchases. As Tim Peter explains in this post, your business needs to be prepared?

Find Work-Life Balance

Finding the right balance between your work and private life is a challenge. Focus on one to the expense of the other, and you'll pay for it in the end. Chris Farmer offers some tips in this post about achieving the right balance between work and your life outside of work. And some members of the BizSugar community discuss work-life balance further here.

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