Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

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is slowly approaching, the perfect occasion to celebrate your and spend some quality time with your significant other. Dinner and a movie sound too boring? Check out this article for some fun ideas that will allow you to put some variation in your everyday routine.

When you’ve been with someone for a long time it’s easy to take them for granted. We get caught up with menial issues and forget to truly appreciate our partner. Saying “I love you” turns into ordinary habit, date nights are mostly spent in, and saying thank you for all the joy they bring into our lives someone becomes second thought. That’s exactly why Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your relationship, reconnect with your partner, and remember why you fell in love with them in the first place.  

Regardless of how busy your schedules may be or how tight your budget is at the moment, setting aside a few hours to truly enjoy each other is a must. If you don’t want to settle for the boring dinner and a movie routine, here are a few to get you inspired.

Book a Hot Reservation at Home

Just because you stay in doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have any fun. A movie marathon, a fancy home-cooked meal, or even a video game competition can do wonders for your relationship. If you often cook at home, make this night special by devising a unique menu you will make together every year. You can also build a blanket fort and enjoy a night of snuggling. For directions, go here.

Take a Dance Class

If you’re both willing to make a fool of yourself, attending a dance class is perfect. It’s the perfect occasion to make fun of each other and, who knows, maybe even discover a hidden talent. Friendly tip: salsa and tango might be a bit tricky to learn, but the sensual will surely reignite that spark you’re longing for.

Get Intimate

Sex is important for any relationship, and being intimate with one another will only bring you two closer. For Valentine’s Day, buy some sexy lingerie outfits in crazy styles and make one of your favorite fantasies come true. If you’re in need some inspiration, read a naughty book to put you in the mood. Ravenous Romance has a special offer – every fifth e-book you purchase will be free.

Go for a Hike

If you’re both outdoorsy, spending Valentine’s Day outside can be a great idea. Plus, exercise releases endorphins, which equal happiness. Find a hiking trail near your home and go on a little adventure. Bonus tips: pack a romantic picnic to enjoy out in the fresh air. Other fun ideas for active couples include flying a kite and going for a bike ride.

Book a Spa Treatment

What’s more relaxing that enjoying a couples’ treatment or massage at a local spa?  By the time you return home, you will both surely be in the mood for some late-night fun.

Go Out of Town

A getaway for just the two of you can be extremely romantic. If you’re worried about breaking the bank, choose a destination nearby, like a cute bed and breakfast surrounded by nature. Or, you know, simply book a night at a hotel in the city. It’s unlikely you will leave your room anyway.

Recreate Your First Date

One of the most romantic gestures you can do is recreate your first date. Take your partner to the restaurant you went together for the first time or see the first movie you ever enjoyed as a couple. Don’t forget to let your significant other know why that night was so special and how much these memories mean to you.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. All you need is a little imagination. Keep in mind that a nice gesture can mean much more to your significant other than an expensive gift, so find a unique idea to romance your sweetheart on this special occasion. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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