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Top Business Executives Name Their 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps

Whether you are partial to iOS, Android or even BlackBerry for your mobile computing needs, you’re likely faced with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to apps. To put it in perspective, Apple announced in October that its App Store now boasts 1 million apps. And the average U.S. smartphone user downloads 25 apps and spends two hours daily using…

Want a Mentor for Your Business? Look for These 3 Qualities

When you’re starting a business — or even just thinking about it — the advice you’ll get again and again is to find a mentor. But here’s what’s more important: finding the right mentor. The mentor-mentee relationship is a lot like dating. You must share mutual interests, really want to spend time together and be equally committed….

Americans drive less even as economy rebounds

Fewer people at work, fewer people driving. It’s a simple equation and one that a lot of experts use to explain the notable drop in the total miles U.S. motorists clocked during the depths of the recession. So how to explain that even as the economy shows real signs of recovery the number of miles…

How to use Home Equity to Finance your Business

Owning and operating a company is a huge responsibility. Small business owners spend hours managing their company’s finances, working on making marketing campaigns successful, and trying to beat their competition. It’s tough, but being a small business owner can be very fulfilling when you are able to couple ingenuity with industry to launch your company to success.