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Extended Warranties for Your Gadgets: Are They Worth the Money?

Holiday shopping season is in full swing, and smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices once again top many shoppers’ gift lists. Given how expensive many popular gadgets have become, one big question many shoppers are facing is whether or not to tack on an extended warranty to protect themselves should their electronic devices come to…

Why You’re Still Going To Buy Apple’s Ho-Hum iPad Upg

Let’s get this straight: No matter what Apple announces Tuesday, if you’ve bought Apple devices before, you’re going to buy this one, too.  That choir of the converted, though, isn’t enough for Apple anymore. As Business Insider’s Jay Yarow points out, Apple’s iPad sales have been consistently falling for several quarters, and growth has been slowing for years….

New security measures won’t kill passwords anytime soon

With the iPhone 5S and its fingerprint scanner selling well, one is tempted to say that we may soon no longer have to remember a 4-digit PIN or 10-character phrase with which to access your device or apps. But considering the well-publicized weaknesses of biometrics and the tried-and-true nature of passwords, it looks like we’ll be using…