Mohamed Merah Had No Contact with Al Qaeda

French officials announced Monday that 23-year-old Mohamed Merah, who shot dead seven people in France, was no part of a terrorist group. 

Merah died Thursday after “shooting madly” at police, jumping out of a window, said authorities. He died in a gunfight after a 32-hour standoff with police. 

The suspect “came out of the bathroom shooting madly at everybody,” when the police entered his apartment, said French Interior Minister Claude Gueant. 

Merah told negotiators he was trained by al Qaeda and killed three French paratroopers, a teacher and three children last days to take revenge for Palestinian children killed in the Middle East. 

The officials, who are seriously involved in the investigations of the attacks by Mohamed Merah, said there is no sign he was trained or had contact with organized “group of jihadists”. 

According to investigations, Merah travelled to Afghanistan and Pakistan and spent considerable time in these countries. He was on the list since 2010. 

Merah’s brother Abdelkader has been charged with helping him steal the powerful scooter used in the killings, and police are seeking a third person over the theft of the scooter. 

Meanwhile, Mohamed Benalel Merah, Merah’s father, wants to sue France over his son’s killing. 

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