4 Essential Things to Do Before Applying for a Car Loan Takeaway

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Applying for a car loan eases the process of buying your dream car. Some people may look at the monthly payment of a car loan and overlook the total cost of financing, which disturbs their finances. Some come with high interest rates for a short duration of time, while there are other car loans on low interest rates but long tenure. It is essential to shop around for the best car loan terms. It will give you an idea of how the loan is calculated, and you can opt for a car that meets your requirements and comes within your budget. It will also help you save money when you pay off the loan.

Still confused on how to apply for a car loan? Here are a few essential things to keep in mind. 


Stick to Your Budget

Walking straight into the car showroom without thinking about your budget is a red flag. The first thing a car dealer may ask you is your monthly budget. If you focus solely on the monthly payment, you overlook that the loan is for a longer term than you want it to be. In the shade of the low monthly installments, the car loan amount will increase. You can calculate the total amount by changing the variables like down payment, monthly installments, time and choose that best suits your requirements. Remember, there are also extra charges like plate fees, road tax and others which you have to pay. So, keep them in mind while browsing for car loans. A better way to approach a car loan is to pay attention to the overall cost of the car. It includes the final price, payment, and interest you will pay.

Consider the Credit Score 

Always check your credit score and other reports when applying for a car loan. If you haven’t taken any loan previously, then your credit score will be moderate. It’s good to have a credit card and pay bills on time to increase your credit score. If you miss any credit card payment or forget to pay monthly installments of an existing loan, then your credit score will decrease. Having poor credit means you will qualify for higher rates, or in the worst case, the bank or financial institution will not approve the loan. 

In some cases, a poor or moderate credit score requires an extra file charge in the loan application that adds up to the loan processing fees, which is not good. So, keep a good credit score. 

Obtaining a good credit score will always work in your favor. The lender knows that you pay your installments on time and have a good record, so they will process your request quickly. 

A good credit score can be utilized as a bargaining chip with lenders. As a result, you get better terms on your car loan. 

Collect the Quotes

Once you have evaluated your budget and credit score, the next step involves shopping around for interest rates for your car loan. Some financing options include bank car loans, credit union car loans, loans from online lenders, and dealership financing. All these offer car loans at different interest rates. So browse the options and choose which fits you the best. A good option is to choose a bank that you already have a loan account with. They have all your papers and history, which makes the process easier. 

Most people use credit unions rather than standard banks and other financial institutions to obtain a car loan. It is because Credit Unions offer auto loans at a better interest rate than banks. They have low interest rates in comparison to other lenders or financial institutions. Most organizations and companies have their own credit unions. Eventually, you can buy your favorite car without worrying about paying a high rate of interest.

Get the Pre-approval 

The next step is getting ‘pre-approved’ for the car loan. It means the lender has given you a quote for the loan, including the loan amount up to a certain figure. Nonetheless, pre-approval is not always a guarantee. They will check your credit when you get a pre-approval letter from the lender. The process may also result in a hard inquiry. The lender will provide you with a letter of approval if the loan has been pre-approved. It is essential to mention that you do not have to take out a loan for the full amount that you have been pre-approved for. You can also apply for a smaller loan – the choice is yours!



Working on the above-listed instructions while applying for a car loan may seem like a hassle, but these actions make your process of getting a car loan much simpler. Determining your budget, checking your credit, and receiving quotes will help you make the right decision. These preparatory steps will help you save a great deal of money amidst your car buying stint! 

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