Why You’re Still Going To Buy Apple’s Ho-Hum iPad Upg

Let’s get this straight: No matter what Apple announces Tuesday, if you’ve bought Apple devices before, you’re going to buy this one, too.  That choir of the converted, though, isn’t enough for Apple anymore. As Business Insider’s Jay Yarow points out, Apple’s iPad sales have been consistently falling for several quarters, and growth has been slowing for years….

A Digitalized Assistant In Your Hands

Having a personal assistant can be very helpful and even give you a sense of power that you’ve made it to the top in the business world. Well now you can have one with predictive mind-reading applications that serve as your assistant. Companies such as Google in Silicon Valley are designing robotic personal assistants that…

Who says video games are bad for you?

Researchers at the University of Rome in Italy have concluded that playing an hour of Nintendo Wii a day for a month actually improves hand eye coordination and can make surgeons more adept at performing important surgeries. The reason for this phenomenon has a lot to do with how the surgeries themselves are performed. Instead…